Friday, May 7, 2010

Hyein at Toronto Comic Arts Festival

I will be at TCAF! Please come and visit me.

If you mention this blog post, I'll give you a free button. Wow, that was a pure marketing tactic right there. Anyways, come by and chat. I worked so hard for this with very short amount of time (because of school finals and things). However, I got to release a new comic book, "Frequently Asked Question about Threesome". I realized the grammar mistakes after printing. *sigh* Please do scroll down for lots of photos :D (I should really sleep - haven't slept much for past week)

Buttons, I got them!

Stickers! They are only $2 each. Sorry, I cannot give these away for free because I spent so much money printing. *cry*

Shiny sturdy sticker!
I'm on the far right wall of the Second Floor (where web comics are situated). It is a very nice lounge area of Toronto Public Library.
Saturday May 8th, 9am-5pm
Sunday May 9th, 11am-5pm

@ Toronto Reference Library
789 Yonge St., Toronto, Canada
Admission to TCAF is Free.

Here is their website:

And here is my related article about TCAF on National Post:


Hieng Tang said...

Hyein is the coolest!

blonderland said...

Aw, I didn't make it to the TCAF, and I didn't know you were going to be there. Can I buy your stickers anyway? I want one of each! Can you bring them to the next TVA day when we'll both be there?