Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shameless Cover

I'm on the cover of Shameless Magazine! I thank the wonderful art director, Sheila for all the kindness. It was an absolute delight to work with her. Shameless is a magazine aimed for teen girls. Amidst of countless fashion magazines that focuses on superficial qualities, Shameless reminds us that there are more to life than just appearance. I love working for this magazine. I wish I had this magazine growing up. All I had were fashion magazines like Seventeen and YM. This issue's theme was on sexual health education in Canada. It is a great issue. Available at bookstores near you. Please do check it out!
My Contributor page!

I liked this spread because of donuts. It is an one-eyed snaked going through a donut hole. I tried to make a sexual innuendo without being too overt. It was very challenging.

TCAF photos! Thank you everyone for visiting my table at TCAF. I know my table was a bit harder to find. But I gave away a lot of free stuff. I hope it was worth it. :D Let me know what you thought of my new comic. Yes, I am totally self conscious about it. It is the worst writing ever, but better looking than most of my comics. I have some new (and hopefully better) ideas on the go. I'll have them published for FanEx this August.

I couldn't go to any of the parties during the festival. It was heart-breaking. I was planning to go. However, I was very tired by the end of the day. I also had to print sold-out comics at home. On the last day of the festival, I had to run to friends' wedding. If they let me in again next year, I'm going to attend all the parties (picture me as a Scarlett in Gone with the Wind while she clinches her fists and go "I promise I'll never go hungry again"). It's too bad I cannot drink. Socializing and friendship seem to naturally come with drinking. *sob*

Lastly, me with Banksy in Toronto! It was very exciting to see his work in my town. This one is a little North of Spadina and QueenW.


Wendy said...

the cover looks amazing, ms lee! :) I hope I get mine in the mail soon. wow this issue talks about masturbation and sex ed? heavy stuff for a young age group...

It was very tiring indeed, i didn't go to any of the parties either - too exhausted after tcaf + ocad grad show. It's neat you got to see Banksy!

liu liu said...

hahaha hyein,

I was in Chapters the other day and I indeed say you on the cover Shameless Magazine..BEAUTIFUL creature you create!!

Hieng Tang said...

Congrats on the cover!!
I want to do Tcaf :(

Ahn Na Lim said...

Sooooo amazing, Hyein!!! :)
I like to see your playful soul in the cover! And very nice picture of you!! I will fine the Banksy at Spadina soon!! :-)