Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Summer Promo is Finally Here!

They are plastic hand fans! I declare this because somebody asked me today what it was suppose to be. Now I'm a little worried. North Americans do not use hand fans? I hope it doesn't head for the garbage bin.
I know, I know... the summer is practically over, but I just got this delivered TODAY. Oh god, the drama I had to go through to get these done. Three printers flaked out on me, and shipping was another drama. Santa Maria! 
But now they are finally here. And thank god, it is the hottest year ever, and September might be hot too. They are being shipped to you right now. If you are an art director/publisher and would like this awesome promo, email me your mailing address at
If you are my friend and would like one, grab me. 


Hieng Tang said...

Just In time for this crazy heat!!

Anonymous said...

so cute.

Sam Trieu said...

OH MY GOD SO CUTE! Your artsy creativity just keeps on trucking :)

Very much looking forward to my Fan Expo prints- I sent a young man by the name of Marcel (did you see him? Short, bright eyes, brown hair) as my proxy this year with instructions TO SEEK YOU OUT. ^_^