Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thanks for Visiting My Booth at Fan Expo 2010

Lance Henriksen bought my buttons! Of all those booths, he chose mine to buy stuff! I said he can just take them for free, but he insisted on paying. "No, you gotta make a living too", he said. I gave him lots more free buttons and stickers on top of that. What a nice guy. Man, even my friends don't pay for my stuff. I felt really bad after taking a photo with him. He just wanted to look around and shop. But people did not leave him alone. Even when he was picking which buttons to buy, annoying people would talk to him. During all that, he never stopped smiling. He'd gladly pose for people and shake their hands. What a guy. I felt so bad for him. I wish I given him more stuff (as materialistic possession solves any problem in this capitalistic society). I wanted to thank him for his craft, but he must hear that too much. "Hey, I loved your work in Aliens! One of my favourite movies. I also love Alien vs. Predeator!" Aliens was 20 years ago for god sakes. Anyways, Mr. Henriksen, thanks for buying my buttons and taking photos with me. You are awesome.

The top right image is "Even When Strawberries are Falling From Sky, We are Sad" silk screen. Nobody bought one. Does it suck that much? With 4 colour hand pulled, it was a lot of work. I lowered the price to $20 immediately, but still no interest. *cry*
Using Photoshop's "automate" feature, I accidentally permanently lost all my high quality photos. So sad.

I'm in a mint condition.
I was quickly looking around before the opening hours.

 Here is my brother Juhyun Daniel Lee of Cat comics. :D
My brother is a software developer at Starz Animation. He never ever took art lessons (our mom was an art teacher and dad was an interior designer... so he did get some education, I suppose), but draws & paints much better than I. He also does a lot of paintings for game websites and indy adventure games.
Look, Kotaku once stole my brother's painting on Ron GIlbert: http://kotaku.com/185206/ron-gilbert-vaguely-defines-next-game

Ah~ Thanks everyone for visiting my booth. I was so grateful. You are the best! And Keith, who bought my original 'So Noodly' painting. He came by during TCAF as well.
Thanks to you all, my magic mugs were gone within a few hours of opening. I will have more for the next year, and more designs.

See my complete FanExpo photos in my flickr.

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