Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bye Bye July

Big Foot
dry point, edition of 17
will be available at FanEx (Aug 27-29)

Bye bye July. It was the best month of my life (as long as I can remember.. with a hint of exaggeration). I took it easy in July. Above piece, Big Foot was done just before my July vacation. You can guess my mental state at that point. My parents' store moving, teaching 2 classes, writing papers, drawing, etc., I had been very stressed. My teeth clinching habit came back. So purchased a hockey mouth guard (a cheaper solution for a poor artist like myself - I hear the dental night guard costs over $300) in place of the dentist recommended night guard. I thought they were the same thing. Boy, it wasn't.
I felt dumb spending 20 dollars for it. But I do not give up that easily. I'm going to cut it down to fit it in my mouth. One day, one day, my love! 

So anyways, I don't need night guard for a while anyways. After the best month of my life, I feel splendid. I'm going to list how I pressed Hyein reset button:
1. Mexico for a week! As with everywhere I go by myself, I almost cried on the first day out of loneliness. But as always, I loved it starting the second day. It is a very un-cool thing to say, but I do love staying in all-inclusive resorts. Yup, among retired people and rather large Americans, waiting at the buffet cue, I fit right in. It is sad, but I am tired of travelling. At some point in my life, travelling became work. I have to run around, see a lot and experience things to be inspired. But in these all inclusive resorts, I can check my brain on the way in and stare at the ocean for 7 days. AWESOME. 
When I meet people who say, "I'm not a tourist. I am a traveller", I want to punch their faces, but I act cool.

I realized I never posted photos from Bruge last year. I will get on that on the next post.

2. Yes, I turned 30 in mid-July. Seriously, I never dreamed of me turning 30. While I was walking yesterday, it suddenly dawned on me that I cannot say I'm in my twenties anymore. Man, I remember my mom turning 30. Anyways... I got great presents! TV tuner and Doctor Who book from my brother. Also grocery bag with a bigfoot on it and gama-go owl wallet. My Emily Strange Wallet was falling apart (all ripped so cards and coins scatter on the floor every time I take it out of my bag), so I was desperate for a new wallet. I suppose not desperate enough to buy one myself... I had over 100 zip lock bags, new wallet could wait. Back to my birthday things, I also got some money from my parents. Cash presents always brighten me up, oh yeah. I heard I have a very low standard for good birthdays, but it was rad.
There are two owl illustrations in this wallet <3 

3. I've been on-and-off meditating. One of my favourite illustrators, Aaron Leighton taught me about stress-free meditation methods (check out of his new book, Spirit City). It's strange, time slows down when I meditate but moves fast when I surf internet. Whenever I spend a long time away from internet, I feel refreshed and productive. I seriously considered to cut this evil thing off. But how am I going to work without internet? I'm trapped. Um, back to meditation topic, I'm going to attend free meditation classes for artists coming Fall. 

4. Cottage! I haven't been to a cottage in a very long time. When we first move to Canada, we had to have this 'cottage' experience, so we rented a very small dirty cottage somewhere North. It was damp everywhere with dusts, rodents, and broken appliances. It wasn't a pleasant experience. I also had to spent a lot of time in ice cold cottage-like places in my Geological Engineering days. However, this time, it was a very nice and comfortable cottage. It was so much fun to jump into water with inner tube around my waist. I can't wait to do it again someday.

5. Won Friends With You stuff from Magic Pony. I won 2nd place. I never won any lottery in my life. I am still numb from the shock. I thought those prize draws were all fakes. Friends With You is another one of my favourite illustrators. My love for them is just ridiculous! Because I am a crazy person, I haven't opened all the boxes yet. That is for the special occasion and there will be another blog post about that. *pounding heart*
Magic Pony gave me 3 dolls, 2 zipper tops (I don't know what they are), 1 button, 1 tshirt and 1 chocolate. I thought there was only one doll, but they kept coming out of the prize bag. I love you, Friends With You. I was too scared to talk to them at their signing in June. But when I smiled at them, they smiled me back. I think they are very nice dudes.

That ends another super-long and badly written blog post. I should actually be writing my thesis proposal. Grad school is endless writing... I want to paint, dammit! Oh, I got a new studio space at school. I'm sharing the space with one other classmate. I will post pictures later.
Good bye July. You were too kind to me. Now time to go back to work.


Hieng Tang said...

Ahhh, im jealous of you winnings and thats such a cute print! i like, i like,

irma kniivila said...

Hahahahahaha your mouth guard!!! That is legitimately one of the best things I have heard in a while.

Bigfoot makes me really, really sad. Especially because one of the clouds looks like it is having its period all over him. I CAN RELATE, MAN.

Hyein Lee said...

Heh heh, Hieng. No worries, I never win anything. I don't know how I got lucky this time.

Irma, I'm sorry to make you sad. I thought it was cute and funny (oh man my stuff have sad effect on people).
I never thought of the red rain as cloud's period. That is messed up. Now I can never unsee it! :D