Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ricepaper Cover Illustration (Thanks Melissa and Rob) and a Magic Mug!

I'm on the cover of Ricepaper Magazine! Thanks Melissa and Rob for the amazing art direction. This season's Ricepaper was a Food Issue. Oh man, my favourite subject! I throughly enjoyed working on this project. 
 Back of the magazine.

 This was an original. We decided to switch the background to red since Ricepaper's other issues were darker colours as well.
Check out their website. I'm so excited to have my illustration on their website. Their magazine is so awesome! Ricepaper is an Asian-Canadian culture magazine from Vancouver. Read about exotic food imports from China, learn about eating local in Canada, history of Chinese restaurants and an article on Sursur Lee (with his famous Singaporean Style Slaw recipe - I was fortune of trying this on my birthday 3 years ago. Man, I will never forget its epic taste)!

Here are some rejected roughs. I was happy for their choice because it was the one I wanted to paint the most.

Lastly, a news! I will be at Fan Expo this year, again. Please come and visit my booth if you are coming to Fan Expo. Info is:

August 27-29th 2010
Friday 4-9PM
Saturday 10AM-7PM
Sunday 11AM-6PM
Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto ON

I'm here:

This year, I have wicked MAGIC MUGS with my monsters. How is it magic? Like so:
 At first, it looks like a normal black mug. But when you pour hot water (or coffee)...
 A painting start to appear!
Tada~! Enjoy your hot tea with Hyein Lee painting, only while it's hot.
I made 2 designs, 3 mugs each. There are very limited quantity, so hurry to get yours. :D


Sam Trieu said...

Awesome! I won't make Fan Expo this year, but will try to send a friend to your booth for some new wall art!

Hieng Tang said...

I like how it looks on the cover!!
that cup is only hot, when hot

Anonymous said...

This is really lovely- nice composition from far and textures from close up.

pete ryan said...

super radical

Liz Pignataro said...


Juju Bean said...

Congrats on being on the cover of Ricepaper Hyein! :D

Can you save a mug for me?
It looks very cool!

Christine said...

My boyfriend bought me one of these mugs and I love it! :D!

Mariah Burton said...

You are so clever. Like.