Tuesday, November 16, 2010

...And the Winners Are

Thank you everybody who participated in the Toronto Mayoral Election prize draw.
There were only four entrance and there were 6 prizes. So I decided to give them 2 prizes each. I let them choose what they want in the order of participation and more ;)

The winners are:
Colleen - prize 6 and 1
Steve - prize 6 and 5
Daniel - prize 3 and 4
Jinsung - prize 2 and a pack of stickers

Oh lordy, I've been very very busy. Of many projects I'm working on, I'm working on a game called 'Infection' with my friend Louie. If you are curious and have PC, try it out. We have released beta version on our development site. The graphics are still rough but basic mechanics are there.

The title page of the game:

And... here is the background graphic I just finished (not included in the beta version):

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