Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Krampusnacht 2010 at Resistor Gallery

Gruss Von Krampus!

I was invited to participate for Krampusnacht 2010 at Resistor Gallery by my wonderful friend (and an awesome illustrator) Steve Wilson. I've never heard of this 'krampus' until that very moment. How come I never heard of this?!  I feel cheated out of something too good to be true. I think I would've liked Holiday seasons more if I knew of this monster. Krampus is a pagan evil monster, who is a counter part of Santa Claus. He punishes bad children. SO AWESOME!!! Krampus is still celebrated in Austria, Czech, and Germany. They get an awesome furry monster, and we get a fat man in red suit? Life is just not fair.

Oh there were many plans for this show, there were. Alas, I've been too busy with school and making moooooney. I was going to make a painting along with the furry head above, but just didn't have time to make paintings. You'd think doing art Master's would let me make more art. Reality is always punch in the face.

Come look at my furry mask. If you are busy, no worries, I will post photos.
Here is the information on the show:

• Show runs Monday-Friday 10am - 5pm until January 10, 2011, Resistor Gallery •
284 College Street 2nd Floor, Toronto (Map)

Now back to my thesis writing.... *sigh*

Oh by the way, I made slippers to use in my school studio with leftover faux fur:


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Anonymous said...

i want to wear it.

Hieng Tang said...

I too feel cheated that i did not know about this creature D:
I'm gonna try to make it to the show!