Friday, June 10, 2011

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The opening night for the Smiling Antimatter when very well. Thank you very much for all those who attended. It meant a lot to me. These are my works for our group show, Smiling Antimatter. My apologies for my horrible photography skills. I realize more and more that photography is a basic survival skill for an artist. When the show comes down in July, I will have a better scans of them.


Out of All Them Bright Stars II
Mixed Media on Wood Panel
This is a second in the "Out of All Them Bright Stars" series. The title is from a sci-fi author Nancy Kress' short story. I'm a big fan of her writing, especially "Beggars in Spain"

Out of All Them Bright Stars II
Close-up shot

Engine Summer
Mixed Media on Wood Panel
 "Engine Summer" piece is dedicated to my favourite book with the same name. I've been drawing pseudo auto engines a lot lately because of the recent comic on Engine Summer I did. The author of Engine Summer, Mr. John Crowley actually wrote me back (I sent him a comic link to his blog). He didn't have to. Um... of course, I fainted when I saw his comment. Another proof that he's the awesomest author in the world.

Deus Ex Machina
Mixed Media on Wood Panel
 "Deus Ex Machina" means "god out of the machine." It's used when complicated problems in a story is solved by an unlikely solve-it-all event. One of my favourite book, Chrysalids is often criticized for Deus Ex Machina ending. Sometimes, those kinds of ending makes me angry, but most times, I don't mind when they are well used. Almost a relief.
I also thought... since I was running out of ideas, a bunch of machines would definitely save my ass. What's more fitting than the title "Deus Ex Machina"? Also, it sounds very badass. Anything in Latin sounds really epic and badass!

If I sound like some sci-fi dork, then yes, I am. If I read in English, I have a hard time reading anything other than sci-fi (of course, there are exceptions like Jon Krakauer). It's because I LOVE reading sci-fi. I can read other books, but it takes me a lot longer time. In Korean, I can read anything. I just finished 1Q84 in Korean. I feel guilty reading in Korean, because I can feel my English deteriorating every time I read in Korean. But I wanted to try Haruki Murakami (the author of 1Q84). A book about people having lots of sex in a strange world (like Murakami's)? I'm not going to get through it in English unless there is one of the following: aliens, clones, nanobots, space travel, time travel, apocalypse, etc.
I don't know what I'm rambling about anymore... My apologies.

My wonderful friends and also talented illustrators in the show. I love them.
Please check out our show, if you haven't yet. It's up till July 1st. Here is more info:
You are cordially invited to the opening reception of Smiling Antimatter, a group exhibition by Toronto's hardest working illustrators. 
Participating ArtistsVicki Nerino • Britt Wilson • Roben Nieuwland • Selena Wong • Ale Diaz • Ilichna Morasky • Ty Dunitz • Hyein Lee • Franzisca Barczyk

At Steam Whistle Brewery
Exhibiting June 1st - July 2nd, 2011 

Lastly... It ain't Hyein's blog without some pathetic sketchbook drawings.

Sorry for the poor drawing quality. It was very dark, so I couldn't really see what I was drawing. They were done last night, when I went to Junior Boys' show. I love that band! I had such a great time. But... I was all alone. What kind of loser goes to a concert alone?! It was awkward to stand around alone waiting for the bands to play. I don't think I have been to a concert alone for like ten years. The last concert by myself was Mayhem (Norwegian black metal band), and I could understand why nobody wanted to come along. 
... in the end, the Junior Boys show was just great. Along with their heart pumping classics like Double Shadow and In the Morning, they played a gem like Parallel Lines. Oh my god. They really raised the roof. They sound better live. 
So anyways... As I was alone at the venue, sketching, waiting for the bands to play, I thought "Man, I fucked up. I really fucked up in my life to go to concerts alone. I fucked it up."


Anonymous said...

i failed you. i will give you a gift to make up for it, that's my deus ex machina.

Hyein Lee said...

Haha.. what?! No, nobody failed me! My personal failings!