Friday, September 16, 2011

Queen West Art Crawl - This Weekend!

Monster. He's delicate.

I have a tent at this weekend's Queen West Art Crawl. Do come and say hello if you are checking out QWAC; my tent is E41. Here is the info:
790 Queen West Toronto
Sat & Sun (September 17th and 18th)
11am to 6pm

Here is the map to my tent:

I spent past three days in Brampton, participating at Brampton Indie Arts Festival. I didn't talk to a real person for the most of past three days. Good god, being alone in the great suburbia took my head to the darkest places.

Brampton Indie Arts Festival was very cool. The city and the local musician, Rich, did a lot of work to give a bit of magical spark on a desolate fall night. Brampton's brand new Rose theatre was decorated with strange paper stripes and pinatas (??). Weird song-making machines were cranking carnivalesque tunes in an empty concrete court yard. There were many musicians, mainly folk and jazz. I didn't check out any of it. Being alone for three days made me go coocoo, I think. Everybody came in groups, and I didn't want to be by myself watching bands. I do enjoy being alone, but man, it was too much.

Anyways, here is a photo of strawberry pinata. I think strawberry candies would come out of it, if you beat it.

Oh, almost forgot.
All the Applied Arts readers can see how messy my place is:
Sheridan College Special Feature. Sheridan Rocks!
Thank you Sheridan College for using my photo for the recruitment special feature. :D


Hieng Tang said...

Hope you did well @ the art crawl!!
I wanted to do it but missed the deadline :(

Elaine said...

Hi Hyein! Those are really cute snails. :) It was nice meeting you tonight.

Hyein Lee said...

Hieng >> Art Crawl was horrible. Big red minus in my finance.

Elaine >> Thank you. Nice to meet you too. :D