Friday, December 2, 2011

Blue + Yellow Phase

울지마, 씨바
Definitely going through blue + yellow phase. They are so awesome together. Baby blue and pink go well together too. Yeah, that's going to be my next drawing. :)

Everything had been blur since two weeks ago. I seriously thought today was last week. December is already here... Maybe I should start drinking coffee. Sorry for bombarding with so many posts past few days. One more to go, and will go back to the regular pace. 

The top sketch was done during pen club, drawing in a bar with bunch of friends. The translation of the title is, "Fuck, don't cry." Right side of the picture says, "Don't draw tears." I was attempting to not draw tears. So instead, I opted for bunch of small cubes. It is a bit strange to write about how I felt couple of months ago because things are quite awesome right now. After I finished my Master's in September, I dug a hole and lived in it for few weeks. I had to re-write my thesis like 28 times and when everything was over, things that I didn't have time to deal with all flooded back. All rolled up in bed sheets, I'd just sit and stared at computer screen, clicking random stuff all day for two weeks. Didn't talk to anyone. Hahaha... I will NEVER pursue another education again. This is it. Let the unlearning begin!

Whenever there is sad times, this song always picked me up, let me get back on my feet. Cradle of Filth's No Time to Cry. Because I truly have... no time to fucking cry.

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