Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pictoplasma Paris - Post Digital Monsters Exhibition ( O o O )

7 - 31 DECEMBER 2011
conférences, installations, spectacles,
projections, jeux vidéo
3 bis rue Papin

75003 Paris
Wonderful Motomichi's monster! I LOVE his work. 

Central to the Pictoplasma experience at La Gaîté is an exhibition presenting the work of contemporary character artists: en route for a post-digital era!

With the artists: Shoboshobo (FRA), AJ Fosik (USA), Allison Schulnik (USA), Ben & Julia (FRA - SUI), FriendsWithYou (USA), Hyein Lee (KOR), Jeremy Dower (USA), Jordan Metcalf (ZAF), Joshua Ben Longo (USA), Juan Pablo Cambariere (ARG), MyMO (GER), Nick Cave (USA), Nick Sheehy (AUS) , Nina Braun (GER), Overture (USA), Raymond Lemstra (NED), Rina Donnersmarck (GBR), Roman Klonek (POL), Sarah Illenberger (GER), Steve Alexander (GER)

I am invited to participate in Pictoplasma Paris! I have three pieces in the show. They are going to be exhibited in the prestigious LA GAÎTÉ LYRIQUE gallery.
I tried to act cool, but I just can't. I LIVE for Pictoplasma. I feel like I'm just passing days until I can go to the next Pictoplasma. Having a show at Pictoplasma is a dream come true. I almost fainted. I wish I can go to Paris for the show. I've never been to Paris. It sounds lame, but it's one city I don't want to go alone. I heard it's a romantic city. I am contemplating, but I am saving up for Berlin Pictoplasma next April. I still have two more days to decide... Should I just book the ticket to Paris? *biting nails*
Thank you Lars for this wonderful opportunity. I'm so honoured to be a part of it!

My favourite illustrator and an awesome person Aaron Leighton is also part of the show. All you lucky souls in Paris or near Paris, go check Pictoplasma out! Entire month of December. xo.

Me at Pictoplasma Berlin April 2011 with Motomichi card :D
Motomichi moving monsters in Paris Pictoplasma invitation

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