Tuesday, January 3, 2012

From London, with Love (Process!)

From London, With Love
48" X 36"
Mixed media on wood
Created for amazing Jason B.
Left building is Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and the building on the right is a building in front of Bank Station in London, UK.

Happy Happy New Year!
My apologies for the lack of blog post in the month of December. I usually disappear, sucked in by the black hole during the holiday seasons. I've been working at my parents' store for the past 13 years of my life during the holiday rush. We have a store in a mall in Brampton. It is a monstrous place. I worked average 13 hours a day, listening to eternal loop of Carol songs and being yelled at by angry mall customers. I don't understand. If Christmas stress them so much, why bother celebrating? Anyways... my parents usually go on annual vacation on the Christmas day and come back at the end of the first week of January. So my brother and I had to take over the store while they were gone. But this year had been different. They could not afford the annual trip. It's very sad... but I got to have my first ever New Year's Eve, ever!
There were parties, countdown and everything. Just like in the movies. Staying warm inside with one of my favourite movies, Strange Days, I had the best New Years ever. 2011 had been kind to me. I hope 2012 is better than ever. I have a good feeling about it.

To start off 2012 blog post, I present you with the first ever process photos! With my bad memory, I always forget to take photos between steps, so I never got the complete process photos until now. This painting, "From London, with Love" is for Jason B., I am very grateful for his commission. It was the first time for me to paint on such a big canvas (48" X 36"). I worked on oversized papers before, but never painted on a giant canvas. It was challenging and fun at the same time. I'm going to paint more giant paintings in the future for sure.

Lining the floor with newspaper, made sturdy with masking tape. I should really buy a sheet of tarp or something.

Masking out a rough building shape.

Paint paint paint with a giant brush!

Draw in building details. Notice a waving bunny in one of the windows! Can you spot him?

Paint in the River Tame and determine the spot for the pink monster.

Determine the spot for the double decker.

Size comparison! (and show off my new tank top) Thank you very much Lee for taking this photo. I also thank him for helping me deliver the giant painting.


Willow Dawson said...

Love it, Hyein! Such a beautiful painting, so nice to see how you did it.

Hyein Lee said...

Thank you Willow~! xoxo

Elaine said...

I love your makeshift tarp! I would never have thought of making it sturdy with tape. :P Great process photos!

Hyein Lee said...

Haha... I taped it so my bare feet don't rip the thin newsprints. I'm going to buy tarp soon. Thank you for visiting, Elaine.

Harto said...

Great work..and thanks for sharing your secrets ;)

Selena Wong said...

So happy to see pink monster travel the world!


It's so beautiful!