Tuesday, January 17, 2012

AGO Gift Shop

My favourite artist, Sean Martindale is having a show in AGO. The show title is NOW. The opening party is this Friday 7pm. He was very kind to invite me to be a part of his project of taking over AGO souvenir shop. I was super excited to be part of it. I drew on bunch of art-print greeting card boxes and on individual cards. There were 20 cards in each box, and I drew original drawings on them all! I also drew on AGO souvenir pop-up cards. They can be available for purchase in February, but you can see them at AGO gift shop in a meanwhile.

Here is the opening party facebook invite:
NOW Facebook Invite

I love the clever idea (I wish I could take credit, but it was Sean's idea!) of making mass-produced art-print items back into original art. 
Here are some shots of the gift shop items. I'm really sick right now. Head spinning and everything! So please pardon me for the poor writing + photograph qualities.

These octopus-like aliens have collective brain. They transimit outer-space broken heart, but they don't feel no emotion. Maybe they just stream thoughts without feelings. Look at that card bundle. I drew on each one of them! (actually, it was fun to do)


This one features bunny destroyers. It's from my sketch thinking about War of the Worlds. These bunnies are relentless destroyers. Hostile beings in space.

Monsters and boxes-within-boxes drawings.

AGO Souvenir Cards
AGO has these ghetto 3d pop-up cards. I got to draw on them!

Lastly... look at all those cards I drew in. Santa Maria. I was a machine, yo.

I have a lot of other news but just could not find time to post them. Please stay tuned for more news. :D



Over and out! xoxo


Toby said...

oh man I want a box!!

Matthew Daley said...

fantastic. you continue to blow me away...

Hyein Lee said...

Toby>> Haha.. thanks for your visit! I'll draw you something the next time you come to Canada.

Matt>> Thanks for kind words! :D

Ying-Hsuan (Jennifer) Chen said...

omg i love your art!

Hyein Lee said...

Thank you Jennifer, very kind of you. :D