Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hungry Lies

 Piece I've done for the awesome, fun, cool and nice people at Broken Pencil. Thank you so much for your awesomeness!

My illustrator friends Ben Rivers and Matt Daley, we all occupied this issue of Broken Pencil side-by-side :D

It seems like I only post when I'm sick one way or other, but yes, I am sick again. As I lay with a hot water bottle, I thought, 'why don't I post on my blog?' My apologies, I will post once a week like before. Many news to cover.
Anyways, back to being sick, I ate a huge pile of deep fried squash last night, which made me so sick. My body cannot take the beatings as it used to.

My very nice friend Gregory found me tickets to "Kim's Convenience" by Soulpepper Theatre. I went to see it last night after eating a pile of deep fried stuff. Good god, I think my stomach churned watching the show. It was about Korean first generation, sacrificing everything to come to Canada and raising their kids. A story of my parents! My dad used to be a top interior designer in Korea, and my mom was an art teacher who had many friends. They threw away everything to come to Canada for my brother and I. They are nothing now, just working in a engraving/embroidery shop, while strangers treat them rudely. My dad loves Canada, but my mom still has a hard time connecting.
Anyways, the play was suppose to be a tear jerker. But I couldn't cry. I almost threw up and had many impulses to leave the theatre. I felt soooooo guilty. I already feel guilty all the time, I don't know if I needed more. I'm grateful that my parents brought me to Canada. I wish I were making tonnes of money to make their lives comfortable. Hahaha.. but I can barely take care of myself. One day, mom. I'll get you that diamond ring you never got. And give my dad a dirty look. I'm kidding.

In the spirit of this stream of consciousness writing exercise... more on injuries. My body has many patches of bruises from playing extreme ping pong two days ago. Good god, I need new shoes. The sneakers I have are heelys. They are one of those sneakers that have wheels in the sole. If any one of you are thinking of buying those... please don't. I almost killed myself many times, and they are not as cool as you think it'd be if you are over 25. I took out the wheels to wear as a regular sneakers. But the heels are still slippery plastic. I slipped, rolled and fell, attempting to hit the ping pong ball.

Another big bruise came from a pancake accident. Suddenly, piles of my owl bowls, plates, etc. crashed down on my hand in my kitchen. I got big bruises. I don't care for pain, I just hope it doesn't leave scars.
Pancake injuries <( ; ~ ; )>
Okay, doesn't look that bad in photo. And yes, I'm a delicate buttercup.
And that leads to an interesting topic. Pancakes! Bunena chocolate vegan pancakes to be exact! I got very good at making pancakes believe or not. Here is the recipe. Fold in dark chocolate pieces just before pan frying. Or just come over, bring some ripe bunenas. I'll make you pancakes anytime of the day.

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