Monday, May 9, 2011

45th Anniversary Cover for This Magazine

What an honour to work with This magazine for their 45th anniversary cover. It was SO MUCH FUN! Dave, the awesome art director, actually let me draw a typewriter with a strange face! And I didn't know they would let us use my hand-written 'This' logo instead of their real logo. I am so excited about this. Thank you so much. Please subscribe to their amazing magazine!
Oh, while you are at it, please check out This magazine's cover gallery! 45 years of This Magazine Covers.
Big congrats to This magazine for its 45th year! Keeping us politically progressive <3

This is a original colour scheme, I like both versions. :D
We went for the top one because it stands out in the newsstands.


Liz Pignataro said...

My dad brought a copy of that magazine home the other night, and I said, "HYYYYYEEEEEEEIIINN!"

Just like that.

Hyein Lee said...

\( n u n )/ Thanks to Mr. Pignataro!!