Monday, May 23, 2011

Outside the Planter Boxes: Public Intervention Project

Magical Tongue
Public Intervention Project
Wood, paper and fabric
I once again got to participate in a Toronto artist, Sean Martindale's public intervention project. I had so much fun! I love Sean's work, and I have a total respect for him; so I was honoured take part in it. Sean's very sincere in his approach to art and making our city a better place. I often find idealistic people creepy, but not him. He does it with non-creepiness whatsoever. For those who haven't seen it before, I have participated in his Toronto advertisement take-over project last fall. Outside the Planter Boxes intend to direct public attention to Toronto's neglected tree planter boxes. Some of them are in a pretty bad shape. I picked the ones with dead tree and a damaged planter. I want to thank my intern, Nayoun Kim. Without her, I would've been up all night.

I tried not to do a permanent damage to the planters because it would defy the purpose. But it was very hard not to leave any footprint at all. I should've used more natural materials, I was hesitant using polyester fabric, treated paper, markers etc. etc. There were so many things to worry! In the end, I just went for it. If I worry for everything, I'd get nothing done.

The first image is "Magical Tongue." You can see this guy on University, North West of Dundas and University intersection. One block South of Mount Sinai hospital. I went to check the next day, and somebody already ripped out his tongue. \( ; o ; )/ Oh why! He was my favourite one, it kind of hurts. Thing about street art project is... it can be damaged pretty rapidly. So you have to plan for the graceful degradation (which I didn't... I was so inexperienced. I will plan those the next time).

Snake Snail
Public Intervention Project
Wood and paper
An incriminating photo. I deny everything.
"Snake Snail" can be found on University, North of Dundas, East side of the street. In front of Sick Kids hopital. The little dude on the front is a speech bubble. My intern told me it looks like a blow-fish. I kind of regret putting that strange speech bubble there. Now that I see it, it doesn't go well with the composition.

Tear Me
Public Intervention Project
Wood and paper

"Tear Me" is on the West side of University street, just North of Queen Street West. I forgot to put up its arms and remembered it just before I went home that evening. The sun was setting, so I didn't get a very good photo of it. It was cute with two arms!

Here is a peak of one of Sean's planters. He put grass on top of planters and made it look like spilling out between the gap (the tree roots are pushing the concrete). Isn't it AWESOME?! He worked on many planters around the city. Here is Outside the Planter Boxes site. You can read up about the project on:
Blog TO

The project is also covered on Global TV News, May 24th 2011 6PM and 11PM.
Sean Martindale

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