Monday, May 9, 2011

Snakes in the Forest

Snakes in the Forest
Mixed Media on Wood

Having a really really busy Spring. I've attended FITC conference last week. I volunteered as a cotton candy maker at the event. My hands cramped by the end of the night, but it was a lot of fun to give away cotton candies. People smiled at me as they got cotton candies, and that made me feel like a rock star. Oh the things I'd do for some smiles! There were some amazing talks and technical workshops. But the best was at the very last; Kyle Cooper talk. He is the man who did opening credit for Seven, Gattaca, Superman, Spider-man and pretty much everything else. Oh man, I remember the first time I saw Seven. I was mesmerized by the opening credit. My heart sank when I first saw Gattaca opening sequence too. His talk was amazing. He also seemed to be a decent human being. There were so many memorable quotes, but what stood out the most was; "The only thing what you have in life is what you give away." He talked about giving to other people and involving others. I was deeply moved. I want to be a better person and become as nice as he is! It's just so awesome when a successful genius also turned out to be a nice person.

I also went to almost all the after parties. I think I am getting better at this "art of mingling at parties" without being overly creepy/nervous. I remember me being too nervous to go to my own art opening parties. I am actually having fun these days and meeting a lot of people. I've been having a difficult time lately and I thank everyone who spent time with me, taking me to places & keeping me company.

Above image is what I've done for my wonderful friend Erika's Canvas Collective website. You can download desktop wallpapers of mine and other illustrators' work. The original work has beige & blue colour theme, but I like the blue & pink theme better.

And... here I give you... Hyein as a cotton candy maker!

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