Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fan Expo 2011 ~✿ (2" Buttons, Magic Mugs and Mouse Pads)

Two inch buttons! Two inch buttons are here for FanExpo. I made 2 inch ones 4~5 years ago, but they didn't sell as well, so I stopped making them. But this year, I brought them back. My weekend was spent assembling buttons, getting poked by sharp pins, iron-smelling fingers, endless Jurassic Park series, and heart break. These are going to be 3 dollars each at FanExpo (I think). 
This is a silly drawing of slugs in my sketchbook. Do they look depressing? I cannot tell because I've been drawing crying monsters way too often. I love these dudes... Especially the one with five-o-clock shadow.
Snakes in the Forest was painted for Erika's Canvas Collective site. You can download this image as a desktop wallpaper from her site. 
Jellyfish Wrangler! I love jellyfish. I wouldn't go near them, no, but they are cool. Did you know that some jellyfish is immortal? I wish I were immortal. There. I admit it. World is big and many things to see. I also wish I could time travel. Oh~ all the mistakes I made in the past! I'd go back and NOT DROP THAT COCONUT ICECREAM SANDWICH ON THE GROUND.
This painting makes me feel infinitely guilty. I am sorry that I painted boobs. I mean, I paint boobs all the time, but not for illustrations. Ooooh the guilt. Please take this painting off my hands. I'll be selling the original at QWAC next month.

Come visit my table at FanExpo 2011! My table is A98 at the Artist Alley. I got a corner table again, yes! Please come and say hello. If you mention my blog, I will give you 1" button of your choice. Wait, we need a secret code. Say, "hoot hoot" and I'll give you a button of your choice. Bring me a vegan snack, I'll give you three buttons.
FanExpo is 4 days this year:

Thursday, August 25 - 4PM TO 9PM
Friday, August 26 - 10AM TO 8PM
Saturday, August 27 - 10AM TO 8PM
Sunday, August 28 - 10AM TO 6PM

How to find Hyein! Find DC table and walk straight to the back. :D

Limited Quantity Magic Mugs! It's a black mug when it's cold. When you pour hot water, my painting shows up.
Lastly... the magic mugs are here again! Sorry for not having enough last year and they were sold out very fast. I didn't know how many they might sell, so I only made a small quantity. Because I am an idiot, I made the same quantity as the last year. I should've made more, but the material cost is quite a lot, so I got scared.  Come and get them on the first two days!
I made the mugs with In Bruges I & In Bruges II and Mr. Furry Pants.
In Bruges I & In Bruges II together on a magic mug. I like how they almost connect. :)
Mr. Furry Pants will also be on magic mugs.
I will also have Mouse Pads of some of my work! I am only making 5 mouse pads, again, the materials are expensive and I'm not sure how many I can sell. Do people buy mouse pads? I will update photos of mouse pads when they arrive tomorrow.

Last of shameless self promotion. Society 6 is having a free shipping world wide week! Until Sunday August 28th. Come and get your iphone cases, tshirts and more (I wish I had an iPhone...) at www.Society6/HyeinLee.
You know what I'm going to get? John Malta's prints! I absolutely LOVE LOVE his work. He is my current favourite artist. Maybe I should also get his iPad skin...

Oh and my another favourite artist, Alex McLeod is having a show this week. Opening is Thursday. I'm so sad that I cannot make it to his opening (I have to be at FanExpo). His art works have been my monitor wall paper for two years now. Please go check out his work this Thursday at Angell Gallery. I promise you, he's AWESOME.

Again, my apologies for the thin content on my blog. I'm so, very busy. I panic everytime I look at my calendar. I just handed in the final final rough (Wut? Only in grad school) of my thesis paper. I cannot wait for my Master's to be over. The end is nigh!
I want to get back to painting, drawing and moving images. Aaaaanyways. See come visit me at FanExpo. Say "hoot hoot," I'll give you a button.


Jeannie Phan said...

Goodluck with the event! If you have any magic mugs left (which I doubt :P) I would love to buy one! I've been admiring them since last year!

Hyein Lee said...

Thanks! Your nice words helped :D Heh heh... I have three mugs still left! xo