Monday, August 29, 2011

❤ Thank you ❤

Thank you very much for visiting me at Fan Expo 2011. It was exhausting four days, but fun days at that. These are drawings I did while sitting at the table. It was quite busy, people to see, hair barrettes to make, smiles to smile. So I didn't get to draw as much. My German grammar book also went untouched. Yes, I'm learning German by myself, preparing for the Pictoplasma 2012. I'm determine to speak at least, 'Entschuldigung (Excuse me),' although I heard I don't really need it.
I like these dudes! They will be Snakes in the Forest attempt two

They are sheep... I can hear my teacher from college days yelling at me. "What is that? Pig? Cow? It's a Pigcow! Go learn how to draw properly!" Well, if you get a ridiculously useless over education like me, you can draw sheep like me. I'm kidding.  They are terrible.

These ghosts are saying 'Hello' in Korean

I LOVE triangles lately 
I got drawings from my fans! Thanks girls 
Some photos with girls who gave me drawing gifts:
With Roma

With Sarah

Awesome & beautiful things I got. From top left corner, Kailey, Miko, Anne Koyama, Charlene Chua
 and Taryn.
Now back to work on my Master's. My apartment looks like a serial killer's room right now. It is disturbingly messy. I will clean after I finish school. I can't wait to make it presentable enough to have friends over.
Anyways, thank you again, and see you again at Fan Expo 2012❤ 


Angel Szafranko said...

Ah I was sitting across from you at fan expo, I really like the second drawing!!

Hyein Lee said...

Thanks! Haha.. really? I couldn't see anyone from across me, we had such a big gap :D

Angel Szafranko said...

Yep, its true there was a gap. I don't know if the gap was a good thing or a bad thing though, lol. :]

rikit said...

pictures from your fans! so cute!
it was so nice seeing you at that event
i was so bored to tears most of the time so seeing your art brightened my day

Wendy said...

Hyein, your new merch and the drawings from Fan Expo are so cute!! Love 'em. Congrats on your MDes again! :D

Maaya said...

*3* I love sheep- I am so glad you have your own interpretation of how sheep should look- I draw sheep whenever I get writers block haha and thank you again for doodling a sheep for me at tcaf =3