Monday, November 28, 2011

Ammo Magazine + Art Elemento Features // if humans can love a machine

Ammo is UK based illustration magazine. I'm a huge fan of this beautiful publication, so I'm honoured to be included in the Issue #8. Thank you, Dave!
Awesome cover by talented Toronto illustrator Jess!
Ammo magazine is only £5. It's full colour with beautiful images. Go check it out!

Art Elemento, an English art magazine from Kwangju, Korea had been kind enough to feature my work in their wonderful website. The cover shows my noodle cup promo. Joe, the awesome editor showcased my work in four-page spread. I am very grateful.
I wrote the article for my section. I feel so insecure about my writing. I hope I didn't babble too much. You can read the whole thing for free here:

Because I've been too busy to upload on my blog, there still are so many catching up to do. I hope I remember everything. Sorry for being so scattered.

There was a big change in my life a month ago. I finally decided to join the human civilization and buy a cellphone. I know, I know. If you ever talked to me before, you know that I made some dumb iPhone apps. I made apps and don't have a cellphone?! I was probably the only Korean in the world without a cellphone. I felt like floating and smug. But deep inside, I knew that as soon as I get a smart phone, I'd be horribly addicted to it. And I was right; I'm hopelessly addicted. I feel a little uneasy without it. For the first time in a month, I took a walk without my cellphone tonight, and it felt liberating.
No, I don't really need a smart phone. I'm home all day anyways, why do I need a tiny computer with me all the time? The only thing that push me over the edge was... twitter. I envied my friends twitting photos via mobile. I had to take photos with a digital camera, import the photo to my computer, turn on the internet, and then tweet. Now, I can be like a normal person, just take the photo with a goddamn phone and tweet right away. God, certain material possession can definitely make a person happier. I love you, smart phone. Yes, I bought a smart phone for purely superficial and useless reasons. Gut me.

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