Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hand Lettered Canzine Posters ++ Pink Monster

Wonderful people at Canzine - Thank you Lindsay and Tara! - got me to work on this year's Canzine advertising campaign. Working with them was so much fun. Thank you for letting me do whatever I want to do! These furry fishes were 11X17" posters that were posted all around Toronto. I actually am rarely happy with my work, but I must say, I love the furry fish. I was very proud to see the posters reproduced. The letters "Canzine 2011" were embossed and everything was offset printed on beautiful papers. 

I hand-lettered all the type in the poster and I think that worked much better than computer fonts. This year's theme was "Piracy." I thought of plagiarism. These fish are copying each other in circles. They are mostly unhappy because they are being copied by the other. I got the furry fish idea from this movie/tv show I saw long time ago. It was set in a Victorian era. There still were unknown parts in the world still. Explorers would travel and bring back exotic stuffed animals. I remember the scene where the explorer/traveler brought a stuffed furry fish. It was of course fake, he probably was swindled or made it himself. Maybe he never went overseas. The woman in the scene was so surprised by the furry fish, she dropped the wine glass. That moment is so vivid, but I have no idea what movie that was. Let me know if any of you remember what it was. And are furry fish common thing? Meaning, are they in our collective conscious?

How they are reproduced.
Rough for the poster.
I had a table at this year's Canzine (last month). It was fun as always! Thank you everyone for kindly visiting my table. I took a photo in front of a wall covered with my Canzine posters. So happy!

Advertisement I illustrated and designed for "The Grid" magazine. All hand-lettered.

Lastly, here is another pink monster painting I did! The background is Toronto cityscape. This was commissioned for a wonderful patron. Quite big, 18X24". It was so much fun to work on. I'm so honoured to have my art work hung on his living room. Thank you, you know who you are. xo

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Benji! said...

I love the pink monster! Will there be prints of Pink Monster in Toronto available? Or was it one of a kind? Where will Pink Monster show up next?