Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bottle Picking

Another bottle post! I picked up artist copies and some extras from Alexx today. I was so proud and happy with them, I almost cried at the coffee shop, like a crazy woman. It is something very special to see your art work on objects. Especially, Alexx' cute bottles. He worked so hard on getting the blue colour right, I was very honoured to collaborate with him. He's very inspiring and hard working.

The black/yellow one on Alexx' right hand is one and only copy for me! He tried on black/yellow colours. I LOVED that one too. But after brief polls among friends, went with the original blue/yellow. I'm so happy to own both.

You can order these bottles at Alexx' Etsy.
Check out his beautiful ceramics on Alexx' Site.
And the latest news on his Blog.

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Jean Liang said...

oh wow!! so cute! were each bottle painted by hand??