Tuesday, March 27, 2012

♥ Bottles with Alexx ♥

You can purchase these bottles here: RCBoisjoli Etsy
Only 100 are made. Very limited edition, so get yours fast!

I have collaborated with a wonderful Toronto based ceramic artist, Alexx Boisjoli. He is one of a kind, a very few artist in Toronto who works with decals. His works are minimal, well designed and strive for perfection. Check out his glow-in-the-dark bone china Jack-o-Lantern clocks. They are so awesome!

Because an idiot like me use finicky blue glaze in the work, Alexx had a hard time making these. I feel so bad. Had I known, I would've went for a different colour. I'm grateful for his patience.
All the photos above are taken by Alexx.

Here are the drawings I sent him for this project.

And the second image that didn't get picked (Snails, yo!):

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