Thursday, March 22, 2012

Retro Bunny

Briefly talking about art multiples with one of my favourite artists, Tessar Lo (he's having a show in March 30th at Cooper Cole Gallery) made me dig out some of my really old work. Preparing for tomorrow's class, I dug out some more photos. I made these guys over four years ago but never posted on my blog. 

I love art toys. The way they play with childhood nostalgia and generally cute aesthetic.... they are so attractive. I am quite excited to show students my collection of art toys: Friends With You, Nathan Jurevicius, Gloomy Bear, TOFU...etc. I wonder what they'd think of them. 

I always wanted to make my own art toys. Four years ago, having no money to mass produce them, I said, 'fuck it, I'll make them myself.' Korean labour (me) doesn't cost much. Then came subsequent poisoning my parents' basement air with resin fumes and liquid silicon. I um... hand painted each one of them after sanding them. I also printed box design on thick papers, cut and assemble boxes one by one. No, I didn't get out much back then, and I still don't. 

These guys are other prototypes. A lot of them didn't work very well and were hard to take out of their molds.

Here are some molding shots. I should've used different colour dye than brown:

 Ladies and gentlemen... the dancing bear!

...and this ends another poorly written blog post.

It's almost 2AM. That means I am going to get three hours of sleep tonight in order to get to the morning class. It's hard for me to fall asleep when I HAVE TO sleep. I also only slept three hours last night. Sleep is for the losers. <( 9 o 9 )/


Kidchuckle said...

woahhhh so cool!

Kidchuckle said...

woah cool! i love them!